I began programming when I was eight years old and I have since learned many languages. You can see a full list on my portfolio. My home is in the backend and server side programming although I'm not scared of any challenge.



In the past I have freelanced for Look Agency and Winston Knoll Collegiate. Contact me for more information and inquiries.



Electronics, hardware, and embedded programming is extremely interesting. Lately, I've been rapdily expanding my knowledge in ARM, micro controllers, and electronic circuit design.


Hey! My name is Shawn, it's nice to meet you. I'm a Canadian developer who began programming when I was just eight years old. I have a passion for anything electronics, creating, fixing, and most of all developing.

In the past, I've lead teams on school projects, ran a server space sharing business, and freelanced. Currently, I'm interested in security, cryptography, neural network programming and genetic algorithms.

I've always had a passion for wiring up an electronic circuit to a micro controller and writing some code to make the circuit go! I'm proud of my C++/PHP library which takes a RPI and utilizes it to query an Arduino Mega which is connected to sensors. Then, the RPI hosts a web server which draws a graph of the data collected from the Arduino's sensors.

Check out my portfolio and if you finish that check out my blog.