What I know

Please note that none of these lists are in any significant order.

Hey, my name is Shawn and I've been programing since I was eight years old. During that time I worked on many projects
I'm currently very interested in embedded programming and electronics as well as up and coming OOP concepts in PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Google Go. I love server side logic and a challenge. Although I can do some frontend work, I'm by no means an artist and my home is behind the scenes.

My belief is that security and cryptography are going to be hugely popular fields of interest in the coming decade and I'm very interested in thwarting and preventing hacks and security breaches.

Over the last decade I have become familiar with the following software packages and technologies
Throughout my life I have become familiar with many programming languages
Once I learned how to do things the hard way, I learned it's better not to reinvent the wheel, and so I picked up seveal frameworks